We believe that healthy lands lead to higher quality grapes which lead to better wine. As a privately-owned estate we retain complete control over vineyard management, and we are doing our best to positively contribute to this spectacular landscape. This begins with minimizing our footprint on the land. Presently only four acres of our 54-acre estate are dedicated to viticulture, leaving plenty of space for wildlife to travel freely for food, shelter, and water. Equally important, how we farm these acres defines who we are as responsible stewards of the land. This is an ongoing educational process as we learn how to combine traditional farming methods with modern efficiencies and earth-friendly technologies.

Healthy, productive soils provide the foundation for good wines, so we apply organic fertilizers and avoid the use of herbicides and pesticides. By composting onsite, we recycle vegetative nutrients back into the soil and increase the earth’s water holding capacity. As a hillside vineyard, we are particularly sensitive to the importance of minimizing soil erosion.

We strive to conserve water through efficient use and responsible irrigation practices. This has been particularly important in this exceptional drought year. We monitor our soils and the weather to irrigate our vines only when needed. 100% of the energy required to power our drip irrigation system comes from onsite photovoltaic solar panels. Thanks to the abundant sun in Napa Valley last year the panels produced 46,353 kWh of solar energy, equivalent to a reduction of 78,685 lb/kWh CO2 emissions. This covered the energy needs of over 85% of the entire estate.

As vineyard owners know, gophers are a way of life on the farm. Three owl boxes have been installed throughout the property as a form of natural pest management to avoid the need for poison and pest traps. Our organic gardens support beneficial insects which help reduce bad bugs in the vineyard. Finally, three thriving bee boxes have not only been a source of delicious organic honey, but help foster pollination both in the vineyard and surrounding ecosystem. As bee populations continue to decline, we are reminded of the increasing importance of their vital services.

Through this combination of sustainable farming practices, we hope to preserve a vineyard rich in biodiversity and to protect the native environment surrounding Spiriterra Vineyards. Over the next year, we will be applying to be certified through the Napa Green program. We believe this is an important step in respecting the ‘spirit of the land’ after which our wine is named and for supporting a sustainable future for our family business.

Community & Causes

Being good stewards goes beyond taking care of the land and includes being involved in our community. We feel very fortunate and grateful to be part of the Napa Valley community and give back as we can. We are proud supporters of the Pathway Home for PTSD veterans and the Napa Valley Performing Arts Center at Lincoln Theater, both situated on the California Veterans Home Yountville grounds. We welcome you to sample our wines at the Lincoln Theater Wine Bar next time you are there!

Another cause close to our hearts is the humanitarian non-profit Roots of Peace. The international organization is doing incredible work replacing minefields in war-torn countries with bountiful vineyards and orchards. Each year we donate a barrel of our Cabernet Sauvignon to the Roots of Peace Wine Club and continue to support their ongoing de-mining programs.